How I started puzzle making

A few years back while I attended at a summer music festival an exhibitor had vendor booth selling puzzles boxes and interlocking puzzles. Over the next few days I attempted to no end to figure out a large pagoda style puzzle, Finally giving up and I purchased it. Upon examination the construction was quite simple and I knew that I could easily make a reproduction. I loved the seaming complexity to it and have cherished it ever since. A few years later I had some extra time on my hands and plenty of lumber my friend and I salvaged from an old barn. So I began the task of learning the techniques of making my first puzzle, bought a book, tried few puzzles but overall was unimpressed with the designs. During research for more puzzle design I found instructions for a seven piece cube which later I found out was Stewart Coffin’s convolution. I found that Coffin had many Designs that he shares openly with the public. So I began my Journey in to what I consider proper puzzle making. One of the best parts of puzzle making it the use of many types of hardwoods and refining my skill as a woodworker.

Cutting Boards and other Woodworking

When I first started attending craft shows all I sold were puzzles. I would have displays of many designs created in a myriad of wood species and colors. In `preparation for an upcoming show, I decided to make a few cutting boards to see how the public would perceived them, I was pleasantly surprised how they did and have sold them ever since. At any given time I may have a new product come or go depending on the reception they are given. I also take custom orders for any type of woodworking projects especially cutting boards ,counter tops and display cases.


I have been in the construction industry close to 20 years, half of that managing large products.

As I got away from the hands on portion I still had a desire to create with my own hands. I strive to make every project better than the last. Refining tolerances and attention to detail are my primary goal. I enjoy fine tuning my machinery and making measuring within 1/1000ths of an inch. I hand select each piece of lumber for beauty and color and never stain or dye any wood. I enjoy creating what I call functional works of art and I thank everyone who has enjoyed the products I have made.